Registered Code sms-es from unregistered, activated mobile

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Sent Code-SMS for registered issues from unregistered mobiles

Disclaimer - This data is not VERIFABLE or reliable and we are not responsible for it in anyway.

It is only for demonstrating functioning of the site for those who for some reason are not able to send documents for verification of their voter ID and mobile number and get fully registered at site.

Please register at site and get your voter id and mobile number verified to have benefit of a VERIFIABLE, reliable data. For details how to register and get your voter id and mobile registered, please see here.   See More...

You can check sent SMS-codes for registered issues from unregistered mobiles by last 5 digits of the mobile in the following table -

Sender Date Time Code-sms
862172018-08-25 12:39:18TCP Y
026112017-11-22 13:27:06TCP Y
160142017-03-20 12:00:00RTRMLA Y
336132017-03-18 13:09:36RTRMLA Y
294972017-02-25 17:05:44RTRMLA Y
027192017-02-24 10:50:07RTRMLA Y
595472017-02-23 18:25:43RTRMLA Y
996942017-02-21 21:06:38RTRMLA Y
385812017-02-21 16:50:35RTRMLA Y
017962017-02-21 16:49:59RTRMLA Y
804082017-02-21 15:48:24MRCM Y
804082017-02-21 15:47:54RTRMLA Y
181442017-02-19 16:55:22RTRMLA Y
968012017-02-19 12:18:11RTRMLA Y
049052017-02-16 13:29:30RTRMLA Y
789902017-02-16 12:44:09RTRMLA Y
367542017-02-16 12:41:12RTRMLA Y
502502017-02-16 12:39:52RTRMLA Y
169842017-02-15 21:19:44RTRMLA Y
218432017-01-23 22:24:56RTRCM Y
287782017-01-08 17:27:03BRVP Y
680682017-01-08 13:26:51BRVP Y
594772016-12-15 14:00:25TCP Y